Manufacturer And Exporter Of GOLDMAX ®XGM 550+ Gold Analyzer


Highly accurate and dependable XRF machine designed for the analysis of precious metals such as gold


Discover a complete solution for all your precious metal analysis needs with the versatile GOLDMAX 550+.

The GOLDMAX® XGM 550+ stands as a high-performance, precision-oriented, compact, and universally applicable XRF Gold Testing Machine. Its capabilities extend adeptly to non-destructive Gold and Silver analysis, coating thickness measurement and analysis of other precious metals. The GOLDMAX - XGM 550+ proves to be exceptionally fitting for Hallmarking and Assaying Centres, offering the capability to analyze Jewelry of varying sizes with unparalleled accuracy. Equipped with FSDD Detector, the GOLDMAX XGM 550+ produces highly consistent results within a mere 30-second timeframe.

Technical Specifications

  • Detector : Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), Peltier-cooled
  • Aperture (Collimator) : fixed from 0.6 to 2MM as per need.
  • Element Range : Titanium (22) to Uranium (92) – up to 24 -30 elements simultaneously
  • Design : Bench top unit with upward opening hood
  • Repeatability : ≤ 0.15 % for gold
  • Measurement Time : 30 seconds
  • Repeatability : ≤ 0.30 % for Silver
  • FSDD DPP+ : for highly precise and fast analysis of precious metals


  • High Performance : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is a high performance XRF instrument that provides accurate and precise results for a wide range of elements.
  • Compact and Portable : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is a compact and portable instrument that is easy to transport and set up.
  • User-friendly : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is easy to use and operate, even for users with no prior experience with XRF instruments.
  • Robust and Reliable : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is a robust and reliable instrument that is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • FSS DPP : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is equipped with FSDD Detector technology, which provides even faster and more accurate results for precious metals analysis.
  • Zoom Device : Various Special shaped concave Parts can be tested


The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is ideal for a wide range of applications, including :

  • Hallmarking and Assaying : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is used by hallmarking and assaying laboratories to test the purity of gold and other precious metals.
  • Jewellery Manufacturing : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is used by Jewellery manufacturers to check the quality of their products.
  • Refining : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is used by refiners to determine the purity of precious metals.
  • Research and Development : The GOLDMAX XGM 550+ is used by researchers and scientists to study the composition of materials.