Manufacturer And Exporter Of KARATX® 510 Gold Analyzer


Highly accurate and dependable XRF machine designed for the analysis of precious metals such as gold

KARATX® - 510

"KARATX® 510: Gold Purity Unveiled in 30 Seconds. “MicroAnalytik” Delivers Brilliance, Beyond Measure."

The KARATX® 510 is a cutting-edge X-ray fluorescence (XRF) Gold Testing Machine designed to offer precise and non-destructive analysis of various precious metals, including gold, jewelry, coins, and more.

This entry-level instrument is optimized for fast and cost-effective analysis and caters to the needs of Jewelry Retail Stores, Banks, Gold Loan, and Cash for Gold Businesses. The device is equipped with a Silicon PIN (Si-PIN) detector that ensures accurate results, even detecting Platinum groups elements such as Iridium Ruthenium osmium etc...

Technical Specifications

  • Detector : Silicon Pin Detector (Si-pin), Peltier-cooled
  • Detector Resolution : Resolution fwhm for Mn-K [eV] ª ≤ 200
  • Aperture (Collimator) : fixed minimum 1mm to 2MM as per need.
  • Element range : up to 12 to 28 elements simultaneously
  • Design : Bench top unit with upward opening hood
  • Repeatability : ≤ 1 % for gold
  • Measurement time : 45 - 60 seconds
  • Standard deviation : +/- 0.30 to 0.45
  • Ideal operating Temperatures : 21 - 24-degree celciaus
  • Environment temperature : 5 °C to 30 °C (Air Condition Recommended)
  • Typical weight : 25kg
  • Computer : Window -PC or LAPTOP with Windows 10 & 11
  • Software Standard : MICROANALYTIK Basic software including Platinum Group Elements
  • Standards : CE approval: EN 61010


The KARATX 510 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including :

  • Well-suited for Jewelry Retail Stores, Banks, Gold Exchanges, Pawn Shops, and Cash for Gold Businesses.
  • Gold Jewellery and ornaments
  • Jewellery manufacturing : The KARATX 510 is used by Jewellery manufacturers to check the quality of their products.