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Highly accurate and dependable XRF machine designed for the analysis of precious metals such as gold

GOLDmax ®xgm 515

Precious metals have significant utility in various sectors like jewelry production, electronics, aerospace, and more. Their remarkable electrical properties, potent catalytic activity, and robust coordination capabilities enhance their desirability.

Given their high value and limited supply, ensuring the authenticity and purity of precious metals is vital for consumers, industries, and asset appraisal entities. However, traditional analysis methods suffer from issues such as being time-consuming, expensive, and sample-destructive.

To address these concerns, there's a need for swift and accurate determination of metal elements and their concentrations. This is particularly crucial in processes like refining, gold testing, and assaying, which guarantee precision without harming the integrity of the precious metal items.

Certainly, here's the same budget outline for hallmarking equipment and machines, but converted to Indian Rupees (INR). Keep in mind that exchange rates can fluctuate, so it's advisable to check the most current rates before making any purchases.

Hallmarking Equipment and Machines Budget in Indian Rupees (INR)

  • Laser Marking Machine : Budget Estimate: ₹3,50,000 - ₹ 55,00,000
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer : Budget Estimate: ₹13,25,000 - ₹22,50,000
  • Microscope with Imaging & Billing Software : Budget Estimate: ₹1,00,000 - ₹1,55,000
  • Weighing Scale with Precision (Micro balance Set up) : Budget Estimate: ₹650,000 - ₹75,0000
  • Computer System and Software : Budget Estimate: ₹1,12,500 - ₹150,000
  • Calibration Tools and Reference Standards : Budget Estimate: ₹75,000 - ₹1,50,000
  • Workstation and Safety Equipment: Budget Estimate: ₹75,000 - ₹1,50,000
  • Training and Certification:Budget Estimate: Variable, depending on training programs
  • Miscellaneous Expenses (Consultancy) : Budget Estimate: ₹75,000 - ₹1,50,000
  • Total Estimated Budget Range: ₹24,08,500 - ₹48,00,000