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Highly accurate and dependable XRF machine designed for the analysis of precious metals such as gold

GOLDmax ®xgm 515

All in one solution for all your need for precious metal analysis with FSDD

High-Performance X-Ray Fluorescence Measuring Gold Testing Machine for fast and non-destructive Analysis of Jewellery, Coins and Precious Metals in Hallmarking Centres, Testing Laboratory, Gold Refinery and Assaying Centre.

The GOLDMAX ® XGM 550+ is a high performance, Precise, compact and universally applicable XRF Gold Testing Machine. It is well suited for the non-destructive Gold, Silver analysis, coating thickness measurement and other precious metals analysis. The GOLDMAX ® XGM 550+ is especially well suited in Hallmarking and Assaying Centres for analyzing Jewellery of different sizes with a very high accuracy. Fitted with FSDD, GOLDMAX ® XGM 550+ provides highly repeatable results within 30 seconds.

Technical Specifications

  • Detector: Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), Peltier-cooled
  • Aperture (Collimator): fixed from 0.6 to 2MM as per need.
  • Element range: Titanium (22) to Uranium (92) – up to 24 -30 elements simultaneously
  • Design: Bench top unit with upward opening hood
  • Repeatability: ≤ 0.15 % for gold
  • Repeatability: ≤ 0.30 % for silver
  • Measurement time: 30 seconds
  • FSDD 550+: for highly precise and fast analysis of precious metals
  • Silver Accuracy is ≤ 0.30 % for silver


  • Hallmarking and assaying: The GOLDMAX ®XGM 550+ is used by hallmarking and assaying laboratories to test the purity of gold and other precious metals.
  • Jewellery manufacturing: The GOLDMAX® XGM 550+ is used by Jewellery manufacturers to check the quality of their products.
  • Refining: The GOLDMAX® XGM 550+ is used by refiners to determine the purity of precious metals.
  • Silver testing labs